Information Sessions

FUNdamentals classes (Fall 2018) are gearing up, beginning the week of October 14.  Two sessions are offered on Monday nights (6 and 7:30pm).  Depending upon interest another session might be added on Sundays at 3 pm.

New Registrations welcome.  Priority on time slots will be given to those on the waiting list.

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Hi! My name is Meghann Douglas.  This website is under construction....  bear with me as I learn about confusers!!

A little snippet about me from my brochure:

I have been “in dogs” for nearly 30 years, forced into it by adopting a “problem dog” and then getting hooked on dog training.  My passion is Therapy Dogs: a TDog handler for over 25 years in a local obedience club, as the founding coordinator & temperament evaluator for a NB provincial TDog  programme, and as a VP of the Human Animal Bond Association of Canada.  I have been involved in dog obedience classes for most of those 30 years, taking my first obedience instructor training in the US in 1994. Recent courses include Operant Conditioning Behaviour Analysis through Dalhousie University, and “Naughty But Nice Dogs”  (Professional Level) from Absolute Dogs (UK).


More to come later!!!