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Apologies for the website under construction!  Please bear with me as I learn.

FUNdamentals classes (January 2019) are gearing up, beginning the week of Sunday January 6th.   There are currently spaces on Monday nights at 6 and 7:30pm.  (There is a waiting list now for Sunday.) 

A Therapy Dog Handler class is being offerred, beginning Tuesday Janary 22nd (2019).   If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a Therapy Dog Handler then this class is for you.  Learn the best practices to do it safely for all those concerned: the resident, the facility, your sponsoring club, you and your dog.

For more information about either FUNdamentals or Therapy Dog Handler classes please use the contact tool on the next page.



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Animals have always been a part of my life.   I grew up on a farm with a collection of different animals: horses, cattle, pigs, cats, dogs, chickens and turkeys.  The majors for my first degree in Agricullture was in Poultry and Livestock.  As a professional agrologist my work included being Manager of provincial livestock programmes and supervising specialists in beef, dairy, pork, sheep, and fur. 

As an independant adult my first purchase was a great big doghouse.  Granted I got to live there too, but I wanted to own my own house so I wouldnt have to keep begging landlords to allow pets.   I went to the SPCA and picked out a lovely little female Labrador Retriever mix.   My first clue to my poor choice was the frenzy she put herself through on the car ride home.... barking like mad, leaping & spinning and generally being crazy.  At that point I had already fallen in love with her and it was too late.  She taught me SO much!!  I'd never been to an obedience class before.  I got hooked on it, and the rest is history.