Information Sessions

Information sessions are for humans to attend (without dogs) to learn about the training method and to meet the trainer.  It is approximately 1 hour long and it is FREE

Participants will be given the opportunity to register for classes after the information session.  Proof of vaccinations is required.

The next information sessions are taking place Tuesday, April 17th and Thursday April 26th at 7 pm in the training room. Space is limited so please book your spot.

Classes will begin mid-may.   Information sessions will happen regularly.  Please check back or please send a message to reserve a spot in the future. 

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Training with games

I often get asked "why train with games"?  Here's the first three answers that come to mind.

Answer 1:  Well why not?  Games are fun and life is short, especially for our dogs.  Play games!!

Answer 2:  In my opinion, novice handlers can excel using games.  If you muck up the timing on a cue to the dog, or the timing of the reward, or both of those things: it doesn't really matter.  Sure the dog won't learn as quickly but the team is still having fun.  The dog gets an extra reward for no apparent reason: so what?  The relationship is undamaged.  The dog is having fun.  The person is enjoying their dog.  Win-win!!

Answer 3: Games are short little bursts of undivided attention on your dog.  This fits perfectly with how dogs learn best: in short windows of 2-3 minutes or less.  How convenient is that?  People can always find a couple spare minutes while the kettle boils or during commercials!!