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Plains & Pastures Bike Tour (2013)

I'm so proud to live here! Fredericton folks are just AMAZING!!!  Thank you one and all!!  My team raised over $2000.  The support was humbling.  What a great place to be!!!

Mind you, the journey isn't about me - it's about people who fight this horrible disease on a daily basis.  If you're reading this now, I hope you'll come back and sponsor me in the ride next time. 


Bike for Breath

Many thanks to everyone and their generosity.  The amazing people in my life supported me to the tune of $377.  Some days it is just great to be here!   (Fall 2012)


800 Kilometres

No excuses.  That's what I promised myself and my daughter.  Always truth.  Well the truth is things have not been going as well as they once were.  What do I need to own in that? 

Over time I gradually stopped logging my food consistently.  If I had kept to a strict repeat of the formula that works well, I should have been ok.  Didn't do that either.  Attitude crept in and I ate many things I had previously dropped.  Conscious or unconsious decisions???  A little bit of both.  Denying food says "Self you're not worthy" so if I honestly wanted it then I would have it.

Swimming remained constant.  I'm up to 800 kilometres in the pool.  That's only 60km shy of swimming to Halifax & back again!!  YAY ME!!!

Sleep quality tanked.  Headaches more often.  Stress and sleep are so highly interrelated. My work underwent a massive restructuring with several new managers inserted where previously there were none.  Sigh.  My immediate supervisor turns out to be an honest gem so things are finally settling nice for me.  My husband has been doing oddjob contracts for the past year, and those have now finally run dry.  He will be forced into retiring in a couple weeks.  Lucky dog him!!!!!  Things are starting to even out.

I have been weighing myself all along, and watched the scales creep up, month after month.  On a post-sugar day the water weight shoots up about 3 pounds, and disappears the following day.  I have gained back almost 30 pounds in the year since my husband lost his job. 

It's time to set some priorities.  Health is a big one.  There's been about 6 premature passings of people in my spheres.  What a wake-up when a former colleague collapses in the hall at work and passes away before the weekend.  He never even had a chance to retire!!!!! 

The weather is nice now, my bike is down off the rack, and I need to get back in the groove.  So many positive milestones to encourage me: nicer clothes is one; NOT needing a CPAP machine any longer and having the test results to prove it; going to a seminar and being able to sit in an ordinary collapsible camp chair beside the ring -- now THAT was triumph!!!!!  Here we go again.

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