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Plains & Pastures Bike Tour (2013)

I'm so proud to live here! Fredericton folks are just AMAZING!!!  Thank you one and all!!  My team raised over $2000.  The support was humbling.  What a great place to be!!!

Mind you, the journey isn't about me - it's about people who fight this horrible disease on a daily basis.  If you're reading this now, I hope you'll come back and sponsor me in the ride next time. 


Bike for Breath

Many thanks to everyone and their generosity.  The amazing people in my life supported me to the tune of $377.  Some days it is just great to be here!   (Fall 2012)


Entries in NB Wellness Challenge (2)


Finished the provincial challenge

Wahoo!!  I finished the challenge and logged the equivalent kilometres to the trip around the province.  Yeehaa!! 

It took me about a week and a half.  The challenge runs for 6 weeks.  What am I going to do for the other 4 & 1/2 weeks?  Silly Question!  Train for Plains & Pastures of course!


Just move....

I couldn't tell you how long those Participaction ads have been on television.  Forever at least.  They always looks too happy to be normal.  And then there's the joggers you see on the side of the road pounding their way to hell and beyond...  I mean really.... Have you ever seen a jogger smiling??? 

At one point this spring the government of NB had this employee participaction thing going on.  You logged onto the health website and added your daily steps or minutes biking or doing housework or whatever.  You picked your very own little avatar and watched it move around a map of the province.  My little guy was a dorky but happy little turkey - I thought it was appropriate! 

Midway through the challenge: in 2nd place.For the first two weeks I was in first place!  This was a shock but I just thought that it must be slow starting.  Actually, I stayed in the top 4 for the entire 6 weeks of the challenge, finishing 3rd overall. 

My supportive family just laughed.  I was biking to and from work and swimming every day at lunch.  Add it all up and it was nearly two hours of honest exercize in a day.  Nobody in their right mind does that eh? 

It truly was a surprise.  "Normal" people might do that, but not me.  I'm not a jock!  It turns out "normal" people do a hell of a lot less moving than I thought.

Which brings me back to what is normal?  In my BF life (before family) it included a lot of things .... like being a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol.  That was a lot of fun.  How did I let that slip away?  Time and opportunity mainly.

Time is one of those incredibly precious commodities and I have to admit that I made some pretty bad choices about where I prioritized my time.  But I will defend myself in that they were for the "right" reasons.  I certainly could have gone somewhere else while my kid was in karate class, but what would that have said to her about how important she is to me?  No.  I don't regret the hours spent sitting on those hideously uncomfortable benches, chairs, bleachers and plastic seats while she skated, kicked, curled, bounced, ran, swam and danced her way through my life.  I don't regret the hours spent driving her to and from all these events either.  That was part of the few precious moments in the day when we got to talk.  They were special hours, and hours, and hours, and hours.

I probably should have spent less time volunteering for outfits that have ultimately proven less than grateful or rewarding.  I probably should have been more selfish about my "free" time.  Would'a, should'a, could'a.  Next.

Losing weight has been about lots of different things, but mainly a lot of exercize.  That takes time.  Luckily Alan likes to bike with me on weekends.  Luckily my daughter likes to spend time with me in the gym sometimes in the evening.  But this is for me.... for my health and for my sanity.  This is about ME.  It feels rather strange to say that as a mother, but there comes a time where the cliche's come to life.  I can't be a decent mother if I can't look after myself.  All that crap about setting an example... sigh.... being a good role model (Oh puke).... about being mentally fit and not exhausted & stressed.... double sigh.... 

It's more than about me .... funny.  This is one honest example of a win-win and I can actually say that with a straight face!    Just move!!