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Plains & Pastures Bike Tour (2013)

I'm so proud to live here! Fredericton folks are just AMAZING!!!  Thank you one and all!!  My team raised over $2000.  The support was humbling.  What a great place to be!!!

Mind you, the journey isn't about me - it's about people who fight this horrible disease on a daily basis.  If you're reading this now, I hope you'll come back and sponsor me in the ride next time. 


Bike for Breath

Many thanks to everyone and their generosity.  The amazing people in my life supported me to the tune of $377.  Some days it is just great to be here!   (Fall 2012)


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Before and After Photographs

The single most common and recurring comment I've been getting on this blog is about photographs, or lack therof.  "Where are the BEFORE and AFTER photo's?"  Sigh.

Actually my first reaction is a poorly stifled giggle.  Photo's?  Candid Photo's?  Say no more eh?  OMG  That Monty Python skit was decades ago and yet it remains so close.  That speaks volumes about my brainwaves I'm sure.

Photos.  UGH.  In truth, I hate pictures of me.  I do my level best to stay out of them.  Often the best defence is a good offence, so *I* try to be the one taking the pictures. 

Why?  The simplest of questions and the most difficult to answer.  But I promised to write the truth..... because every photo is stark evidence of not being "right".  Sober second thought, and being a mother of a young girl has forced me to look honestly at old photographs.  How can I be of any useful guidance to her if I cannot even face my own truth? 

June 2011 - Bark in the Park

 So here goes ..... the before and after photos of the past year.  July 2012 River Valley Obedience Trials

Despite the colour problems here, the shirt is the same in the two snaps.  There's approx. 80 pounds difference between the two pics.  I've got a long ways to go yet......


The woods are lovely, dark and deep

But I have promises to keep

And miles to go before I sleep

And miles to go before I sleep

(Robert Frost)


That hackleraising "Look" ...

Sometimes it just takes one little moment of "the look" to get my hackles up.  You know the one ...... when some ignoramus glances from top to bottom & back again with a sneer.  When "yuk" is written all over their face.  When my blood starts boiling .......

I didn't have a comeback when it happened in the spring.  I had gone into one bike shop in town for a part to raise the handlebars on my bike.  Their best efforts didn't work & he recommended the most expensive yuppie bike shop in town (thinking on my behalf that the other store has more kinds of bikes and might have the part).  I just walk in the door and the sales type gives me "the look".  It really went downhill from there.  Needless to say I will never go into that bike shop again.  I got the bars fixed at a third bike shop and have put nearly 1500 kms on that bike so far this summer.

The next time it happened was in the Y.  I was busy rowing at my usual speed and this macho moron in his late 20's/early 30's comes up and sits on the rowing machine beside me.  As he settles in he glances sideways with "the look".  I grit my teeth and keep my tempo.  Moron looks at my data screen and "the look" gets even deeper: obviously thinks he can do better.  I just keep rowing.  He starts rowing at a speed considerably faster than I'm doing.  My jaw is clenched so tight I could crack walnuts...... but I keep my tempo.  After about a minute the moron is starting to puff.  At around three minutes his speed is now down to equal mine and he is truly puffing.  At around 5 minutes he can barely breath and is much much slower than I'm doing.  At about 6 minutes he packs it in, and skedaddles with his eyes studiously NOT looking at me.  I keep my pace until the end of my planned time & distance of 15 mins/3 kms.  Funny.  Moron doesn't look at me when I walk past him to the next machine either!! 

What got me started on this rant?  Today.  In the pool.  I am calmly swimming my laps and bothering nobody.  This youngish dude shows up in my lane which is fine, there's 2 sides.  Then his girlfriend joins him.  OK.  We'll swim in circles.  That IS the way you do it when there's 3 or more in the same lane.  I'm fine with that....... until I realize that BOTH of them are giving me "the look".  My hackles go "ping" all the way up and down my spine.  Neither one of them have any room to sneer.  He's got stretched tattoos and a beer gut, and she's easily 60 pounds too heavy for a bikini.  What gives??  I just keep on swimming.  They both start with a lazy froggish backstroke.  OH CRAP.  They're going to clog the lane.  Sigh.  Actually they don't.  By the time I lap them, they're puffing at the end of the lane and I just go around them.  Next they do two lengths in passable front crawls at approximately my speed and I relax again.  OK: they're not going to muck up my tempo after all.  Same deal happens.  They do two lengths of the pool and huff & puff at the end again.  I pass them again, only this time I notice bucko staring the the string of beads I use for counting laps.  Next they do two lengths of backstroke, and I lap them while they stand puffing again.  By the next time I've come back to this end they've left the lap pool and are doing the dog paddle in the therapy pool across the path.  I continue swimming laps and bucko continues watching me move the bead every time.  Eventually they leave and I'm still swimming.  Yeah.  That's right.  Don't give me that flipping look again.  I'm still swimming.  I did 40 laps today (2 kms).  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!