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Apologies for the website under construction!  Please bear with me as I learn.

FUNdamentals classes (January 2019) begin Sunday January 6th.   Classes are now full.  

FUNdamentals classes (Februrary 2019) will be opening for registration soon.

A Therapy Dog Handler class is being offerred, beginning Tuesday Janary 22nd (2019).   If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a Therapy Dog Handler then this class is for you.  Learn the best practices to do it safely for all those concerned: the resident, the facility, your sponsoring club, you and your dog.

Also coming up: First Aid for Dogs ..... this will happen in March 2019 in the Training Room (see map).  Further details coming soon.

For more information about either FUNdamentals or Therapy Dog Handler classes please use the contact tool on the next page.



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FUNdamentals classes

Introduction to learning games.  Get better behaviour from your dog.  Grow the bond!!  Have FUN!!

FUNdamentals is an introductory class that focuses on life skills for dogs in a human world.  Grow some calm in your dog, develop self-control, learn to ignore distraction, focus on you, come when called, develop confidence and more.   The class is based on games which takes the pressure off both dog and handler.  The trick of course is to rig the games so that the dog learns to make the choices that we want.  Classes are small (maximum 4 dogs) so you get plenty of individual attention. 

See the information bar for next offerings.


Therapy Dog Handlers Class

Have you ever wondered if handling a Therapy Dog was something for you?   If you love dogs then what could be better than sharing your loving companion with others?  Come to this seminar and learn what it means to be in Therapy Dogs and the best practices to do it safely.  Learn how to meet expectations from all sides: the resident, the health care facility, your sponsoring club, and for both you and your dog.   It is an immensely popular programme in the health care facilities, and a rewarding way for you to contribute to your community.

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Building on the foundation skills in FUNdamentals, this class will focus on developing flexibility and adaptability, dealing with excitement, and boosting focus with more relationship games.  It is ideal for developing skills in dogs going on to other sports or activities.

No planned offerings in January/February 2019



Dogs love to learn.  Teach your dog to use their brains and their senses.  It's fun and a wonderful way to fill up a storm day! 

No planned offerings in January/February 2019